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Geforderte Datensegmente gemäß del. VO EU 2017/1926 (NetEx)

Die angeführten Dateien stellen einen Auszug der ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG-Daten des „Intermodales Verkehrsreferenzsystems Österreich ( -“ und der produktiven, maschinenlesbaren Anlagendatenbanken dar.

ÖBB | Access Nodes : Geometry/map layout structure of access nodes (all scheduled modes) | Access Nodes: Identified access nodes (all scheduled modes) | Accessibility of access nodes, and paths within an interchange (such as existence of lifts, escalators) | Address identifiers (building number, street name, postcode) | Car-sharing stations | Connection links where interchanges may be made, default transfer times between modes at interchanges | Cost of parking (general parking) | Existence of assistance services (such as existence of on-site assistance) | How to book car sharing, taxis, cycle hire etc. (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods) | Location and conditions of charging points for electric vehicles | Location of parking places and service areas (general parking) | Network topology and routes/lines (topology) | Not included in the Delegated Regulations | Parameters needed to calculate an environmental factor such as carbon per vehicle type or passenger mile or per distance walked | Park & Ride stops | Planned interchanges between guaranteed scheduled services | Publicly accessible refuelling stations for petrol, diesel, CNG/LNG, hydrogen powered vehicles, charging stations for electric vehicles | Secure bike parking (such as locked bike garages) | Stop facilities access nodes (including platform information, help desks/information points, ticket booths, lifts/stairs, entrances and exit locations) | Topographic places (city, town, village, suburb, administrative unit) | Where how to pay for car parking, public charging stations for electric vehicles and refuelling points for CNG/LNG, hydrogen, petrol and diesel powered vehicles (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods) | Österreich | Schienen gebunden
Parking & Charging

Kurzparkzonen / Parkraumbewirtschaftete Zonen in Österreich (XML)

Kurzparkzonen / parkraumbewirtschaftete Zonen (detaillierte Polygon-Darstellung)

verfügbare Attribute:
- Gültigkeitszeiten
- max. Parkdauer
- Preise
- Bezahlmöglichkeiten und verfügabre Payment Provider
- Ausnahmen

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ÖAMTC | Availability of parking places (general parking) | Cost of parking (general parking) | Location of parking places and service areas (general parking) | Österreich | Stadt und Gemeindestraßen