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Voi Technology | Accessibility of access nodes, and paths within an interchange (such as existence of lifts, escalators) | Basic commercial conditions such as refunding/replacing/exchanging/transferring and basic booking conditions such as purchase windows, validity periods, routing restrictions zonal sequence fares, minimum stay. | Basic common standard fares (all scheduled modes): — Fare network data (fare zones/stops and fare stages) — Standard fare structures (point to point including daily and weekly fares, zonal fares, flat fares) | Common fare products (access rights such as zone/point-to-point including daily and weekly tickets/single/return, eligibility of access, basic usage conditions such as validity period/operator/time of travel/interchanging, standard point to point fares pr | Connection links where interchanges may be made, default transfer times between modes at interchanges | Cycle network (segregated cycle lanes, on-road shared with vehicles, on-path shared with pedestrians) | Detailed cycle network attributes (surface quality, side-by-side cycling, shared surface, on/off road, scenic route, ‘walk only’, turn or access restrictions (e.g. against flow of traffic) | Estimated travel times by day type and time-band by transport mode/combination of transport modes | Existence of assistance services (such as existence of on-site assistance) | Geometry | Gradients | Hours of operation | How to book car sharing, taxis, cycle hire etc. (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods) | How to pay tolls (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods) | Junctions | Network topology and routes/lines (topology) | Not included in the Delegated Regulations | Number of lanes | Operational calendar, mapping day types to calendar dates | Parameters needed to calculate an environmental factor such as carbon per vehicle type or passenger mile or per distance walked | Parameters such as fuel consumption needed to calculate cost | Passenger classes (classes of user such as adult, child, student, veteran, impaired access and qualifying conditions and classes of travel such as 1st, 2nd.) | Pedestrian network and accessibility facilities | Planned interchanges between guaranteed scheduled services | Road classification | Road network | Road width | Special Fare Products: offers with additional special conditions such as promotional fares, group fares, season passes, aggregated products combining different products and add on products such as parking and travel, minimum stay | Stop facilities access nodes (including platform information, help desks/information points, ticket booths, lifts/stairs, entrances and exit locations) | Timetables | Transport operators | Vehicle facilities such as classes of carriage, on-board Wi-Fi. | Vehicles (low floor; wheelchair accessible) | Where and how to buy tickets for scheduled modes, demand responsive modes and car parking (all scheduled modes and demand-responsive incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods) | Where how to pay for car parking, public charging stations for electric vehicles and refuelling points for CNG/LNG, hydrogen, petrol and diesel powered vehicles (incl. retail channels, fulfilment methods, payment methods) | Österreich | Andere | Andere Öffentliche Verkehrsnetzwerke | Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen | Bundes- und Landesstraßen | Stadt und Gemeindestraßen | Straßennetzwerk