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Austrian NeTEx Profil V1

ARGE ÖVV is currently implementing a NeTEx standard for national public transport in Austria, the Austrian NeTEx Profile V1.0, which is based on the European Passenger Information Profile (EPIP).
A versioning process for any changes and extensions will be implemented in the future, and the overview will be adaptet accordingly in our Confluence. Donwload

Leaflet German: "Offene Verkehrsdaten für zuverlässige Dienste - Mobilitätsdaten Österreich"

The leaflet contains general information and the most important facts about the National Access Point Austria. Download

Logo Image Set

The Logo Image Set contains graphics in different formats and is available for use in the context of and its dissemination activities. Download


The Manual contains all important steps and processes needed for using the platform and examples how to fill in the metadata-set form. Download

Data-Categories as Listed in the Delegated Regulations

This document contains a table listing all data-categories as foreseen by the delegated regulations B, C and E of the directive 2010/40/EU. Download

Coordinated Metadata Catalogue

This document was established in the framework of the cooperation between the Netherlands Germany and Austria to simplify data exchange by introducing common metadata categories.Download

DATEX II compatible Excel Templet to Enter Truck-Parking-Spaces

Due to the requirements set by the „European Access Point for Truck Parking Data“ an excel templet was created to make sure that the compatibility and compliance with the requirements can be guaranteed. Download